Global Client Solutions, ONB Bank and Trust, and GHS Debt Solutions Hit With Class Action Suit

This suit was filed on August 3, 2010 in Missouri. The Plantiff is Myra Perkins and other class participants v. Global Client Solutions, ONB Bank and Trust, GHS Solutions, and GHS Debt Solutions.

The suit states:

  1. This action is brought by Plantiff on behalf of herself and a proposed class of Missouri residents who paid defendants to act as debt adjusters on their behalf. The proposed class includes, and is limited to every Missouri resident who paid any of the defendants money to settle, negotiate, and/or adjust debts of the resident.
  2. The proposed class is large and includes exactly or approximately 780 individuals, all similarly situated.
  3. Defendants represented to plaintiff and members of the proposed class that the defendants could act as debt adjusters in Missouri.
  4. The representations were false.
  5. None of the defendants can legally act as debt adjusters in Missouri.
  6. In November of 2009, Plaintiff began making monthly payments to the defendants in the hope that the defendants would negotiate and settle her debts.
  7. Over the course of the following five months, Plaintiff paid to the defendants a total of $1,636.40.
  8. Of the sums paid to defendants, only $90.20 was placed into a savings account for future use in settling debts. The remaining sum of at least $1,546.20 was retained by the defendants as their fee.
  9. Plaintiff is not aware of any effort made on behalf of any of the three defendants to settle or negotiate any of her debts. Additionally, because the defendants allege to have set aside only $90.20, there is no reasonable likelihood that they would be able to negotiate and debt settlement with any creditor.
  10. Plaintiff stopped making payments to the defendants, and has demanded a refund of all money paid, and defendants have refused to refund the money paid. – Source

We’ll have to wait to see what happens with this suit. It is just another one, of the many to come, against debt settlement companies.


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