I Want to Cancel Out of Morgan Drexen But They Say I Still Have to Pay The Fee

“Dear Steve,

I have been with Morgan Drexen for a couple of months now . I have a contract with them. so far they haven’t paid anything to my credit cards at all. they said they won’t start getting paid until about 7 or 8 months until my engagement fee is paid off with them which totals about 900.00 and something. i am paying 150.00 a month. one of my credit card companies are taking me to court now. can I close my checking account so no further money will be automatically taken out and tell them I don’t want them anymore. they told me if i don’t want them anymore I can cancel with them but I still have to finish paying my engagement fee to them. if I close my checking acct, will I get in trouble with them?

please help!!

thank you”

I would be upset if you want to cancel at this point and they would make you pay more fees.

So I emailed Morgan Drexen asking for a response or quote to help guide you in this situation. As of the publication of this Q&A they have not responded.

[Update: Morgan Drexen responded and said “I would advise that the client contacts their attorney, for advice.”]

In lieu of a response from Morgan Drexen I’d have to direct you to my process How to Get Out of a Debt Settlement Program and Get a Big Refund. Follow that approach and let me know what happens.

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