Misleading Debt Relief Marketing Still Exists. What Do You Think of This?

This morning I was online and I saw an ad that looked like it was offering some sort of government backed or sanctioned debt relief solution. The ad lead to another page, and another, and another. Here is what I saw.

Do you think this type of advertising, that appears to be one thing, like news or government supported is deceptive and misleading? Post your comment and let me know.

It began with…

Which led to a fake news site…

That sent me to this government looking form which made claims not allowed under the new FTC telemarketing sales rules…

That wanted me to fill out this form to reduce fraud before I could get any specifics…

I think the real irony here is that the chain of requests ended wanting the consumer to complete a form to before any specific information was given. To me that’s a huge red flag that whatever the company is selling, they don’t want the general public to know.

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