I Noticed My Paychecks Were Short. I’ve Been Wage Garnished for a Student Loan. – Becca

“Dear Steve,

Recently I noticed my pay checks was short by several hundred dollars each pay period. After talking to payroll I was told and then saw I was being garnished for repayment of a student loan. I have never recieved ANY paperwork either from the DE or my employer. When I have asked my employer for more information they give me a 1800 number for loan repayment. They have taken nearly 2000 dollars from me and withheld my entire federal income tax for a loan that was only 7000.

I live in Colorado and would like to know if it is legal for my employer and/or the Department of education to garnish 15% without notification to me first?


Dear Becca,

Did you call the number and inquire about the garnishment? It sounds like you did owe a student loan and they do have the ability to garnish your wages without first taking you to court.

See My Wages Were Garnished for a Student Loan Without Taking Me to Court. – Pamela for details on this.

At the very least you should have been notified in advance of the garnishment. I wonder if they have an old address for you on file and sent the notice there?

Please update me on your progress by

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  1. I have called the number they gave me but you cannot get to a real person. My information is correct and current with my employer. I don’t understand how it is legal for an employer to not have to inform you.

    • Becca,

      I don’t believe it is the responsibility of the employer to inform you, although they should. The employer is acting under a legal order or authority and must carry out the order, not fight it.



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