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ESP Software and P&E Solutions Stopped Putting Money in Our NoteWorld Account And Now It’s Empty. What Do We Do Now? – David

“Dear Steve,

In February 2010 my wife and I enrolled in a ESP software program from P&E solutions for a period of three years. Three payments of $468.97 each were made to a Noteworld bank account in March, April and May. Then in June 2010 no money was taken. We called them and found out that the Noteworld account had been closed and the money was gone. They said the problem would be fixed and we got a payment scheduled for the end of june, then again (after another failure) for beginning of July, end of July and last time we called for August 15th. No money was taken on any of these dates so we started being suspicious and I browsed the Internet to discover your website. Now we want out and we already settled at 40% with our biggest creditor. Also Noteworld said their records show no payment for May. In case this is important, we live in New York and the P&E Solutions office is in Florida.

I have 2 questions. First have you ever heard of an escrow account being closed so early in the process ? Second do you think we have enough material to send the letter with threats of complaints that is on your website and also to ask for a full refund ?

Thank you very much for considering our situation.


Dear David,

That is really odd but I’ve heard tales from others of a similar experience. See this article.

I would not be surprised to discover the missing money was taken as fees from your NoteWorld account by ESP and/or P&E Solutions.

I think you have every right to be upset and to follow my refund process. Unless there is something you have not shared with me it appears you signed up for a debt settlement program, payments were taken from you, no services were performed and the program is not still in operation for you.

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You deserve answers about what happened to your money and since you are not getting the service you contracted for I think you deserve a refund.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.


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  • Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your answer. I don’t feel as I hid something from you but after going through the online accounts and asking my wife exactly what they had told her over the phone I did get some extra informations.

    The first payment of $468.97 was maid to the Noteworld account on March 10, 2010. From this amount, only $7.63 remained as reserves, the rest being transferred to P&E Solutions as fees. Then on March 29 the account was closed and a second was opened after a balance transfer. According to P&E the reason for this was that another client with the same name had completed the program and they closed the wrong one.

    Payments for April and May were then made on this second account and after a unexpected fee of $20 (taken my Noteworld) there was $2.89 accummulated as reserves on the account.

    Then nothing, as I already said. After we started calling in June, several payments were scheduled but none went through. Then on August 9 the second Noteworld account was closed and the money ($2.89) sent to a 3rd account !!! This is around this time (we don’t remember exactly the date) that we called P&E to tell them we wanted to cancel the program.

    When my wife talked about a refund the person said we should reread the contract and also that we were the ones responsible for closing the accounts which is obviously untrue.

    Our main complaint is about the delay that resulted from all this and which could mean higher risks of being sued by the creditors. And also the fact that nobody could clearly explain what went wrong. I prepared a letter but first I will wait for an answer from Noteworld which I contacted to find out about the story of the 3 accounts. I may also file a complaint right away on the BBB website as I saw it worked out for Noelle.

    One more thing : It might be a coincidence but the month of June is exactly the month when more money ($177 instead of $7.63 each month) was supposed to be used as reserves !! As it appears the fees are higher the first 3 months.

    Thank you again. I’ll keep you posted with any further developments.


    PS : We just received a offer from our second creditor (out of 3) at 30% the amount owed. So with 40% for one and 30% for this one we average 35% which is below the 38% average claimed by P&E Solutions/FBL Associates. Not bad for amateurs !!

    • Thanks for the update.

      I see you’ve already learned that people can do this themselves and don’t need to pay thousands of dollars in fees if they feel confident about settling their own debt.

      The situation you describe sounds very odd. I’d like to know what really happened as well.

      If you have not read it already you might want to spend some time reading my guide, How to Get Out of a Debt Settlement Program and Get a Big Refund. If you follow that process you will get attention to your issues.


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