I Have One Credit Card I Want to Settle. Who Should I Use to Do This? – Rene

“Dear Steve,

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I am recently employed again after 19 months of unemployment after a corporate downsize. Somehow I managed to keep my house and not fall terribly behind in most of my payments… but I subsequently used up all of my savings, CDs, 401k and money market accounts. I also have a significant amount of credit card debt, but only ONE card. I am re-organizing my finances to get back on my feet again, and I would like to settle my cc debt.

How do I know which company to use to negotiate and settle my credit card debt? Is there a reputable and reliable company that is safer/safest to use?


Dear Rene,

If you only have one or two cards the least expensive route would be to do this yourself. I would suggest you contact Damon Day, a debt coach I recommend, and he can guide you through the process to easily tackle this.

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