Credit Exchange Hit With $16.4 Million Judgment

Things are all of a sudden not looking so good for Debt Settlement marketers that were involved with the failed debt settlement, contract validation, and debt reduction services company known most commonly as Hess-Kennedy.

On July 28, 2010 Steve Vanderhoof and the Credit Exchange were hit with a $16,388,820 judgment for their marketing and services they delivered to Laura Hess & Associates, Hess Kennedy Consumer Law Center, Legal Debt Center, Campos Chartered Law Firm, et al. – Source

According to the court documents:

The Credit Exchange (herinafter “TCE”) recruited and enrolled thousands of consumers as clients of the Hess Kennedy law firms by telephoning consumers who responded to advertisements for debt reduction services. During the calls, the TCE sales representatives signed consumers up for legal services to be provided by the law firms. In exchange for the recruitment of the consumers, TCE was paid by the law firms for the number of clients who signed a retainer for legal services. The total paid by Hess Kennedy law firms is in excess of $16 million dollars. The Receiver contends that the recruitment efforts by TCE were illegal under Section 877.02, Fla Stat, and the contracts signed by the consumers were thus void ab initio. – Source

It will be interesting to see if there are more marketing firms that receive clawbacks for marketing fees paid for debt settlement or law firm referrals.


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24 thoughts on “Credit Exchange Hit With $16.4 Million Judgment”

  1.  Vanderhoof is a scammer and once the three letter folks catch up with him (not FTC but IRS) they will make an example out of him.  Think he paid income taxes on his $1 Million wedding?

    Nope.  The game is on!

  2. Sam – Do not insult Charlie Sheen that way…..he has millions…..Vanderhoof told people he did/preached to employees he did…..everything is leased/rented/and/or repossessed. Bet he’s not in the big building at Hutton Centre anymore. There is NO comparison between Charlie Sheen and Steve Vanderhoof. Sam must be a former employee too.


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