World Law Debt. A New Incarnation of Orion Processing, SwiftRock Financial, Messa Rock Financial, and Topaz Financial?

Thanks to a tipster (send in your tips here) that pointed this out in a recent comment.

they have changed their name again to hide from lawsuits and all the bad press. They are also known as orion processing and now World law debt. www.worldlawdebt.com

has same address and all the same employees. Mr. Derin Scott (owner/president) is the biggest lying theif. He has collected of 40 million dollars of the back of the poor who are stuggling with debt. Moreover, has done this by enslaving employees and not paying them a living wage. He belongs in jail. I can’t wait for the the feds to lock him up. – Source

For the record, I don’t know a thing about all those other accusations the commenter made, obviously the commenter is upset. But the point made that WorldLawDirect.com has appeared and is related to the other companies mentioned is true.

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The BBB is also reporting the connection between the underlying debt settlement companies and Orion Processing.

Swift Rock Financial Services, Mesa Rock Financial Services, Topaz Financial Services, and Clear Your Debt are sales organizations. These companies market the debt management and debt negotiation services provided by Orion Processing. Clear Your Debt has indicated that they have ceased operations, but consumers who contacted this company will continue to have their debt managed and/or negotiated by Orion Processing.

These companies are individually owned by Shannon Scott and Derrin Scott. – Source

World Law Debt says they are located at 2201 Donley Dr. Suite 250, Austin, Texas 78758 but according to the State of Texas website there is no company registered to do business in Texas under the name World Law Debt.

World Law Debt describes themselves as:

WORLD Law Debt is an affiliate of WORLD Law Direct.

WORLD Law Direct is the leading provider of debt solutions in the U.S.

In 1998, partners from five of the world’s leading international law firms met to discuss the impact of the Internet on the provision of legal services. Out of that meeting grew several software prototypes for simplifying the most common legal issues, entering them into complex database delivery systems and creating the first automated system to address over 4000 common legal issues and problems.

Today we’re helping to fill the need for understandable and efficient legal solutions. In addition to an expanding database, our systems automatically re-route designated issues to our global law team when necessary, providing thorough, up-to-date advice on commonly-faced legal issues in over 26 international jurisdictions including the United States. We put the resources of a global law firm to work for you.

Our founding shareholder board included leading international lawyers from the U.S. and abroad. The board worked closely with our global team of Czech and Finnish computer programmers, British software analysts, and Internet systems specialists from the U.S., Finland and Japan. See members from the board’s initial composition below.

We’re happy you are joining us here at WORLD Law Debt and we look forward to providing you quality debt settlment and solution information in a new and exciting attorney protected format! – Source

What I find interesting is that according to the WorldLawDirect site (WorldLawDirect.com), they don’t describe themselves as “WORLD Law Direct is the leading provider of debt solutions in the U.S.” Instead they say they are “WORLD Law Direct is the leading interactive provider of U.S. and international legal solutions.”

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WorldLaw Direct.com was registered on July 4, 2000 and as of August 18, 2010 was owned by Milan Rabiska. I did reach out to Milan Rabiska and exchanged emails about WorldLawDebt.com but he had no comment to share.

WorldLawDebt.com was registered on June 9, 2010 and is owned by Scott Derin.

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