How Do I Know If Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is a Scam? – Mary

“Dear Steve,

Self employed for past five years, went through divorce, incurred massive credit card debt with high interest rates

I keep getting things in the mail advertising debt reduction and not sure if companies are valid or not. Recent one i called was Legal Helpers Debt Resolution company – how do i know if this is a scam or not


Dear Mary,

When I received your question a couple of days ago I emailed Tom Macey at Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, he’s a bigwig there. I thought you raised an excellent question and I was hoping he would respond to answer it. Sadly, he has not.

The answer to your question really does not hinge on if Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is a scam or not but if they offer an appropriate solution to your situation.

If you’ve made the debt relief marketing mailing lists I’d be safe in assuming your debt fits the model of a person in trouble. If your situation is that you are now in “massive” credit card debt without any reasonable way to repay it then a Legal Helpers Debt Resolution or any debt settlement solution may not be suitable for you.

As far as checking out Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, you should do that just as you would any other company you plan to work with. You can check with your state Attorney General’s office and the local BBB for complaints. That’s always a good start.

But I remain unconvinced based on the limited information you gave me that the debt settlement path is the right road for you to travel.

My suggestion is that you contact my friend and fellow debt coach Damon Day and have him take a comprehensive look at your situation and give you specific advice and help you through to a tailored and appropriate solution. Otherwise, click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and go talk to them for free. Before you leap at a solution like debt settlement or credit counseling you need to hear and understand what bankruptcy would mean for you if you don’t go the route of talking with Damon Day.

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