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Co-Founder of Shares Details How They Could Revolutionize the Need for Credit Counseling

Today I spoke to Rod Ebrahimi from has big plans to allow consumers to create a self-directed credit counseling program that will eventually work closely with banks to extend special terms to participating consumers.

If they can pull this off they could potentially revolutionize the credit counseling world by providing a web portal to login, create an optimized debt repayment plan with special terms, help people to save money as they go, pay bills, and watch your credit at the same time.

It’s very early days for but these guys have a shot at a great debt relief product if they can work out deals with major creditors for reduced interest rates and credit counseling terms. They have a potentially good chance of pulling this off if they can deliver this product without charging a fairshare or fee and that will really get the attention of the banks.

This possible no fairshare fee model may be reality if develops an alternative revenue model that is not dependent of creditor fairshare or monthly payments from consumers. If they can pull that off leverging technology they have a killer opportunity to revolutionize the debt relief credit counseling world.

You can listen to my interview with Rod below and find out how to get on the waiting list for the next wave of early testers.

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