World Law Group – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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36 thoughts on “World Law Group – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. Update on World Law Group..The Consumer Protection Bureau is suing them 67 million and their assets have been frozen pending the case.

    “We took action today against World Law Group for an
    alleged debt relief scheme that lured consumers with false promises of help
    from lawyers and collected millions in illegal upfront fees,” said CFPB
    Director Richard Cordray. “We are seeking to put an end to this scheme and
    prevent more consumers from being harmed.”

    The Bureau’s lawsuit names Derin Scott, David Klein, and
    Bradley James Haskins, who control World Law Group. The lawsuit alleges that
    the defendants operate through an interrelated maze of companies, including
    Orion Processing, LLC, d/b/a World Law Processing, WLD Credit Repair, and World
    Law Debt; Family Capital Investment & Management LLC a/k/a FCIAM Property
    Management; World Law Debt Services, LLC; and World Law Processing, LLC. The
    companies comingle funds and share functions, employees, and office locations
    to operate the debt-relief scheme.

    According to the complaint, World Law promised to help
    consumers reduce their debts using a “team of attorneys,” including “local
    attorneys,” that would provide legal representation and negotiate debt
    settlements directly with consumers’ creditors. World Law allegedly told
    consumers to stop paying their debts and instead make a single monthly payment
    to the company, which its lawyers would use to negotiate debt settlements with
    creditors. According to the complaint, World Law unlawfully kept many of these
    payments as fees before providing debt-relief services. As a result, consumers
    paid millions of dollars in illegal fees and suffered additional harms,
    including being subjected to collection calls, lawsuits, late fees, and lower
    credit scores.

    The CFPB alleges that the World Law Group violated the
    Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act’s prohibitions
    against unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts and practices and the Telemarketing
    and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act. Specifically, the Bureau alleges
    that World Law:

    * Charged
    illegal upfront fees: According to the Bureau’s complaint, World Law charged
    consumers thousands of dollars in fees before providing debt-relief services.
    This is barred by the Telemarketing Sales Rule. In fact, the Bureau alleges
    that 99 percent of consumers who enrolled in World Law’s program paid illegal
    upfront fees. These unlawful fees include a $199 “initial fee” collected during
    the first three months of the program, an “attorney monthly service fee” of
    $84.95 per month, and “bundled legal service fees” ranging from 10 percent to
    15 percent of the consumers’ outstanding debt balance, which are collected
    during the first 13 months of the program.

    * Made
    false promises of legal representation: World Law promised that consumers would
    receive local legal representation and have their debts negotiated by an
    attorney. In reality, according to the Bureau, the defendants did not provide
    the promised legal representation. The Bureau alleges that consumers rarely, if
    ever, communicated with a lawyer and the vast majority of services
    provided ̶ if services were provided at all ̶ were debt-relief services provided by

    The Bureau’s complaint is not a finding or ruling that
    the defendants have actually violated the law. The Court issued the preliminary
    injunction because it found that the Bureau is likely to prevail and that the
    public interest is served by granting the Order. The case will proceed until
    the court makes a final determination or the parties settle the matter.

    A copy of the CFPB’s complaint can be found at:

    The full text of the preliminary injunction orders
    entered by the court against the defendants is available here:


    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a 21st
    century agency that helps consumer finance markets work by making rules more
    effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering
    consumers to take more control over their economic lives. For more information,

  2. Its been almost two years of taking of 349. and I have received a telephone call from my creditor wanting money. I tried to get in touch and no one answers to talk to you. I am on social security and receive 350 of which they take out their money form my account. what can I do, I also have to pay medicare 125.00 for my medical. I am at a loss of what to do. now.

    I give them the worst rating and they should be ashame of their selfs.

  3. My husband and I contacted a company called National Credit Card Relief. The representative stated that she was an agent that set up accounts for World Law group and that once the set up was complete, our case would be turned over to an Attorney affiliated with World Law Group in our area. After a little research on the World Law Group website, I found the name of only one attorney in our state..

    Still feeling like something was rotten in Denmark, I called that attorney listed at the number listed to see if I was getting the full story. After a short conversation with him, I was surprised to find that he had NO IDEA who I was talking about and was quite upset to learn of their false statements..
    I would say if is sounds to good to be true, it probably is!!

  4. My brother and his wife just signed up with these people. They received an unsolicited call. I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right. I told my brother to check out this website. Thanks Steve. He read it this morning and was very upset. He is now in the process of trying to clear up the mess. They have only taken a small amount from him. I’m so glad I saw your website.


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