How Can I Get a List of People in Global Client Solutions or NoteWorld? – Darren

“Dear Steve,

I am like you and want to help all the consumers out there that have been scammed by debt settlement companies. I want to introduce a program to these people that would #1, help get their money back from the debt companies, and #2 guide them in the right direction.

Do you have any ideas on how I would be able to get in contact with people currently in a debt settlement plan? (ex, list of people who have accounts with GCS and noteworld)


Dear Darren,

Walk away from that idea. I would imagine the customer lists for those companies would be business confidential information. Even if you did get your hands on them, it seems you’d open yourself up for some real legal issues if you contacted those people in an attempt to sell your service to them.

The best approach would be to advertise your services.

Please update me on your progress by Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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  1. Sharonn760, my advice wait until Oct. 27th that is when the FTC TSR is in full effect to stop debt settlement companies from charging UPFRONT FEES before a settlement offer has been reached. Effective on Sept 27th. No companies are allowed to make claims of settlement percentage unless they have substantial proof they can get you that same result. BECAREFUL. My advice, call 3 different service providers to get different opinions and evaluations on your situation by contacting your local Non-Profit Consumer Credit Counseling Company to see if a debt management plan can still work within your budget, a debt settlement service provider that offers Performance Model fee structure where they only collect once they reach a settlement with one of your creditors to see if that is something your comfortable moving forward with and finally a local Bankruptcy Attorney to get a full scope whether BK can help you aswell. Remember no matter what plans you decide to take, keep in mind that credit rating should be last on your mind but mainly focusing on how to get rid of your debt issues for good. It didn’t take you one day to be in debt so do the same when choosing the plan that works best in your interest and continue doing your due deligence. Don’t let anyone pressuring you to act right away, sitdown weigh out all the pros and cons of each plan and make that final determination to move forward. Best of luck to you.


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