I Paid the Law Office Of Anita Pieratt for a Loan Modification But Did Not Get It. – Michaele

“Dear Steve,

wrkiing on loan mod for over a year w/bac.

hired a law firm in ca who said they woud get us a loan mod. pd 3400. thy did not do anything for us. can we get our money back from them. i don’t think they r doing loan mods anymore. anita pieratt is the law firm. i am working on loan mod myself now.


Dear Michaele,

You should start any refund process by contacting the law office and asking for a refund first. If they are not willing to provide you with a full or satisfactory refund for loan modification work you can follow this process for refunds. While the process is directed at debt settlement companies it is the same basic refund process for all debt relief services.

Now if the law office can demonstrate they have performed work for you on your behalf they may withhold part of the refund to cover that work. If you wind up at the end of this process unhappy with the results then you always have a right to file a complaint with the state bar association against the lawyer.

Please update me on your progress by Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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21 thoughts on “I Paid the Law Office Of Anita Pieratt for a Loan Modification But Did Not Get It. – Michaele”

  1. we also had this same person tell us they could do a modification.  what happen next was a endless nightmare. repeatedly asking for the same documents, stating that the mortgage company never received the prior doc. this went on for months with no results. we continually called for answers with no answer till we finally drove down to her office. we were told then that everything was fine when it wasn’t. end of story we lost our of 30+ years. with all the time them saying everything was fine. fine for them that’s for sure. we lost the home we were trying to save and they got $3000.00. saying they did all they could. they are liars and thieves. we only pray they don’t cause anyone else the heart break  they caused us. STILL HURTING 

  2. well im in the same boat too. The law office of anita pierrat. They have no active web site know and I paid the same 3k with no results. cant get ahold of my case worker in over a month

    • I hired someone else after Ms. Pieratt did not do anything.  I have since gotten my loan modified.  I hired a Mortgage Specialist who actually knows what he is doing and he knows how to work with the banks.
      I did turn Ms. Pieratt into the Orange County Bar Assoc. and they did nothing.  They wanted me to pay a filing fee of $175.00 just for them to look into the matter.  I refuse to pay another attorney anything.  I am going to say Ms. Pieratt knew this when she set up her contract.  She is a poor attorney who does not even know what is going on and her workers don’t know anything either.

  3. I filed a complaint with The Orange County Bar Association and they are actually checking into this. The burden of proof is on Ms. Pieratt. She is disorganized, defensive and flat out useless. I wish you well.

  4. I too hired this firm to help with a loan modification that went nowhere, I have been waiting for the remaining half of my moneyback guaranteed refund for 3 months now, only to be told the refund is contingent upon Anita selling a house. I have all of my documentation and will be filing complaints with the appropriate parties to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. it’s complete BS.

  5. I have filed a complaint, with an awesome paper trial, to the Orange County Bar Association, the bbb and the California State Bar Association. The Orange County Bar Ass. wants $175.00 just to contact her. They will not get any more money from me.
    Have not heard from anyone else. I just want my money back. I am paying someone else since Anita and team are totally useless.


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