Are You Really Ready to Get Out of Debt? Can You Handle the Truth?

The Question Isn’t if I Can Get You Out of Debt. That’s Easy. I Can.

The Real Question is…Are You Really Ready?

People come to me all the time in an effort to get out of debt. I believe they desire to eliminate their debt and they can visualize a world without their painful debt in the way. That world looks all flowery, bright and has an awesome Muzak soundtrack, below.

But here’s a truth I’ve learned over the years of helping people and I’m just going to say it straight, without any filter and be dead honest with you. Most people are not ready to really get out of debt. They say they are, but they’re not.

The actuality is that most people start to focus on their debt when it becomes a nuisance and they’ve tripped over their debt. They’ve stubbed their toe on it. They slipped on it in a dark hallway at night on the way to the bathroom. Translated, it’s become a bit of an inconvenience when it interferes with the life they want to live and they want the debt gone, NOW! Those people, they are not ready to get out of debt. What they want is a magic wand to wave and make things abra-cadabra-change. Frankly a witch would probably be more helpful than most debt relief companies out there in that situation.

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“Bad Debt — Be Gone”

Getting out of debt isn’t about magic or witches, it’s about painful and irritating hard work you don’t want to face. It’s about making decisions that can make you cry and change your life. Getting out of debt is not a quick assignment of an annoyance to a debt relief company, it’s dealing with the issues that led you into this mess and changing shit.

Many people that are expecting a magic wand to be waved to get out of debt are going to get one guaranteed result, screwed. If they think all they have to do is make one phone call, talk to a salesperson at a debt relief company, and things are going to turn up roses, they better prepare to be unhappy with what they get.

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Getting out of debt is about being engaged and aware. You need to be a willing participant in the solution you embark on after you determine what is going to work best for you. The first step to do that is to work hard to find the right answers for the person that matters most here, you. You need to examine all of the debt relief options and learn what they each offer you. Once you can do that you’ll be better informed to make the right choice that best fits your life.

Listen, don’t assign your life to someone else, get engaged in it. Start the proper hunt for what solution is going to work for you by exploring the logical options.

If intervention in your debt is what you are looking for then here are your choices.

  1. Credit Counseling
  2. Bankruptcy
  3. Debt Settlement
  4. Debt Coach <- My favorite starting point for a custom plan.

If you want to take action outside of intervention to intercede in your debt then reduce your expenses or increase your income or do a bit of both.

Want to try more of a self-help approach? If so then download my free books to guide you on your journey.

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Getting out of debt isn’t rocket science. It’s just difficult and uncomfortable, that is, until you surrender to the process.

When you are really ready to get out of debt you’re going to go through a fighting and bargaining phase where you have sacred cows you won’t release like a car, home, private school, a favorite vice, or avoiding bankruptcy at all costs. As long as you hold on to those sacred cows you may just not be able to support your journey out of debt and it is going to be painfully unsuccessful and probably expensive.

If you truly want to get out of debt then you must surrender yourself to the process and be willing to make changes. You must eliminate all your sacred cows. And you must stop focusing on your panic today and instead focus on defining what your goal is of getting out of debt. Is it to find peace in your life. Maybe it’s an ability to have less stress day-to-day. Maybe you want to reinvent yourself. It really does not matter what the goal is. What does matter is that before we can plan the journey we need the destination.

If you give me the destination, a clean slate, no off limit roadblocks and your current situation, trust me, getting you out of debt and headed in that direction is a cinch.

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Honestly, the only thing that’s going to stand in your way on your journey to get out of debt is going to be you and those damn cows.

So if you think you are ready to get out of debt and have the life you dream of then ask yourself if you are really ready to let go of that address you live at, are you willing to turn the fancy car in, and are you really willing to drop the financial facade to friends and start telling the truth with your life about who you really are. Are you ready to live an authentic life? Really?

If you can do that and be honest with yourself about how you really got into this mess to begin with, then, and only then will I believe you that you are really ready to put your debt behind you and start a new and better life.

For all those that aren’t willing to do that stuff or think I’m totally full of shit for saying all of this, I have a message for you. You’re not ready. But when you are ready, I’ll be here to help. Until then I’m sending you a big hug, good wishes, and asking a higher power to send you some clarity to make good choices.

But if you are truly ready to get out of debt, let’s do it and start the journey right now.

Oh, and while you are at it and you are still resistant to taking some action to get out of debt, let me ask you the following question.

Q: Do you have a greater responsibility to fix your financial past or take action to deal with the debt so you can take care of your financial future?

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