New Era Debt Solutions Tells TASC to Shove It After Attending Debt Settlement Conference

New Era Debt Solutions has just notified TASC they have resigned from TASC, effective immediately, out of disgust of tactics.

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It appears that whatever went on at the recent debt settlement leadership conference in Las Vegas stirred up enough of a bad taste in the mouth of New Era Debt Solutions that they have resigned from TASC with the letter above.

My favorite part: “We do not believe that subterfuges such as purported “face-to-face” meetings or the sale of overpriced items to consumers provide a means whereby debt settlement companies could continue to collect up-front fees as others contend. We will not do these things and we will not be a member of any organization that allows its members to do them.”

Want to know more, listen to my interview with Alex Viecco, the VP and co-founder of New Era Debt Solutions, about this here.


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8 thoughts on “New Era Debt Solutions Tells TASC to Shove It After Attending Debt Settlement Conference”

  1. Yes. There was a couple of attorneys that were very serious about making sure people switched or started to collect fee after the services were rendered. NO UP FRONT FEE! I was quite impressed with Michael from Loeb and Loeb in Los Angeles. Great presentation!
    They were pretty straight forward… Comply or risk the industry.


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