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Tax Tiger – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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  • I am writing this to warn all potential clients (victims) of this so called A+ Christian Founding Tax Company. What a load of crap they pitched me. To Tell you just a bit about me and what happened. I was audited by the IRS for 3 years and they came to the conclusion that I owed $31000. For me I was sick to my stomach and wondering what to do, because I did not have the kind of money to pay them back. Long story short, a sought out legal advice and did my research. Unfortunately, not good enough research. I ended up falling in to the slick hands of a company called TAX TIGER. They pitched my beautifully and made the IRS look like big, bad bullies that I need protection from and that Tax Tiger, a Christian backed and founded company was the right ones to stand up to the IRS. I eventually felt desperate and decided to agree to a paymet plan which would initially total $2800 for them to represent me in hopefully reducing the amount and taking care of everything. After a bunch of work I had to do, to present to this company I started to get the feeling that I was getting the run around. I couldnt put my finger on it, but it didn’t seem right. After several weeks, i then got the phone call from a top attourney for their firm (probably B.S.), that told me that I would be a prime candidate for an Offer and Compromise and that he would probably get the debt I owe to IRS reduced to $7500 from $30000. I was overwhelmed with joy. He said , it would take a lot of paper work more to do this procedure and Tax Tiger would need more $$. i ended up agreeing to an additional $1850 even though that was alot, he said it was better than owing over $30000 to IRS. I asked him repeatedly what are the chances of this being reduced to that amount and he said, about 98% good chance. Sweet, lets do it. With in a few weeks I hear from IRS, that this was denied. LOL Figures, I should of know when they started of theirs sales pitch with, “we are a Christian founded company”. Just for the record I am a Christian and this touched me, but should of know better when a law firm dealing with taxes uses this to win me over.
    Any how, a very long story short, after asking for my money back and saying this is bs i gave up on them. I called the IRS myself and they said to me, “all of those supposedly legit tax lawyers out their bad mouth us and make us look evil, most of them have the most complaints and are getting turned over to the attorney general and BBB. I ended up dealing with the IRS, I redid another OFFER and Compromise with the IRS, they walked me threw the paperwork, told me how to do it all. IT was so easy! It literally took me about 1 hour to finish it and the I sent it in. And by the way, it cost me $1.35 for postage hahah. Guess what, final result, the IRS settled for a total of $1500 and giving me several months to pay it back.
    So just as a big warning to all, dont fall in my shoes. Just call the IRS unless you know without a shadow of a doubt who the company really is that you are dealing with.
    This is Tax Tigers Website: http://www.tax-tiger.com/
    By the way, They list on the BBB they are A+, however it is for their subsidary companies in California, NOT Austin, Texas. They are Scammers , trust me when I tell you this! I left out alot of the other shady things they said to me and did, so I could keep this semi short
    Take care!!!

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