Anyone Interested In a Meeting of Consumer Focused Debt Settlement Companies?

Following up on a comment on this other story, I’m just doing a quick poll if the debt settlement companies that consider themselves to be consumer focused and want to comply with the new rules are interested in me holding and moderating a meeting to let those companies get to know each other.

As I said in my comment on that other story:

Would you and others be willing to fly in for a day to a centralized location and talk about the future of debt settlement in a compliant model moving forward and putting consumers first?

I’d be willing to moderate it and it would give the folks that attend the opportunity to align themselves together in a loose association and see where it goes from there.

Ground rules:

1. The group discussion needs to be recorded, open and public like an FTC hearing and I’ll put the video on the site.

2. I’ll pay for the meeting room and people interested just need to get themselves there to meet other like minded debt relief companies.

3. No vendors will be allowed.

4. I will not be involved in the formation of any association.

5. Low budget all the way. No USOBA 5 star resort.


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20 thoughts on “Anyone Interested In a Meeting of Consumer Focused Debt Settlement Companies?”

  1. I’m working on the meeting page right now and I’ll post in today. It
    will be November 13, 2010 in Raleigh, NC. Some great people have
    already expressed interest in attending.



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