Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Beta Testing Face-to-Face Meetings

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me information that Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is moving ahead with their plan to continue selling advanced fee debt settlement services through their “hopefully” complaint avoidance of the new FTC telemarketing sales rules.

Apparently in the Los Angeles – Orange County area they have had some agents going out and meeting with people face-to-face recently. I can’t revel too much but I can tell you the meetings have identified some problems and issues that could create client dissatisfaction.

This is not a new avenue for me. When I was in England I was part of a test where I worked with a group to send out field agents to meet with people and gather documents in an attempt to offer higher levels of customer service, not to get around any regulation. What I learned is the process has a number of issues that need to be dealt with and a lot of off script stuff can happen with a field agent sitting in front of a potential client.

I’ll bet you that off script stuff that is going to potentially land some debt settlement companies, that want to skirt the law, in hot water.

All I can do is report and offer my opinion and after having tried something similar myself there is no way I’d do it again.


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