I Had a Judgment Against Me From American Express and Platinum Services. – Mary

“Dear Steve,

After being unemployed for a year, I was hired as a CNA at a Long Term Care Facility. In 2003, I received a judgement against me from Platinum Services, ie, American Express. Due to an agressive illness,I had been paying an agreement through the company, but it was less than the minimun payment. I did not have the agreement in writing, but I was paying every month. Out of the blue, I received notification that I had a judgement against me. My lawyer made arrangements with American Express for monthly payments, and (for five years) I never missed a payment. Two years ago, I heard no more from the company’s lawyers. Last year, I was contacted to resume payments. I told the lawyer about my illness, and my IRS debt. They were to contact me with their decision. Now, I have this garnishment—

I live in Missouri. How much of my monthly wages can Platinum Services take from my check? If I requested a reduced amount, so that I could afford gasoline to drive the sixty miles round trip per day, would the company resend the garnishment. I have honorably paid this debt in the past—-this step was unnecessary.

can anything be done….?


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Dear Mary,

Creditors don’t treat people individually. It’s a process. People get sued, they lose, get judgments and garnished. It’s all just moves from one bucket to the next.

If there is no expectation you can afford the garnishment and they are not willing to mutually agree to a reduction, then the logical solution is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy would kill the garnishment and debt. If you still wanted to repay your debt for personal reasons after the bankruptcy, you could.

But if you have other debts as well, bankruptcy might be the best tool to allow you to focus on your health and IRS debt.

You can click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and if you’d like a second opinion about your situation or a personal consultation by another debt coach, please feel free to contact Damon Day.

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