Advanced Client Services Says It’s Not Responsible for Johnson Law Group Failure. Johnson Law Group Not a Law Firm.

Recently I wrote about the Johnson Law Group Nevada and the involuntary of the company. In the story I had said the failure of Johnson Law Group was because Advanced Client Solutions pulled the plug. I have since received some alleged information that provides a different version of things.

Along with the email was an attachment. The deposition of Attorney Clint Johnson of Johnson law Group in Florida.

I read the entire deposition and it upset me. I find it impossible to believe Clint Johnson, a lawyer, runs his debt management company daily and is the sole person in charge of it and has no idea about any of the details of his business.

He also revels that Johnson Law Group is not a law firm and no lawyer negotiates or represents clients. Consumers must be grossly confused if they have contracted with Johnson Law Group in Florida with Clint Johnson, Esq. and then learn that Johnson Law Group is not a law firm, Johnson Law Group, PLLC. is the law firm. If they thought they were getting debt settlement services by a lawyer, they were dead wrong.

But the tipster (send in your tips here) did send along the deposition of Clint Johnson of Johnson Law Group, Florida. – Source

Here are some highlights from that deposition held on August 30, 2010.

  • Clint Lamar Johnson is a Florida licensed attorney and has been an attorney since 2003.
  • In 2008 Clint Johnson, Esq. became involved in the debt area after he did some work for Vincent Esson of Credit One. Followed by referrals from The Credit Exchange.
  • Attorney Johnson owns a debt management company called Johnson Debt Services but has no idea how many clients he has.
  • Johnson Debt Services took over the clients of Johnson Law Group Nevada after attorney Eldredge called Johnson and said “he was no longer wanting to be involved in servicing debt management clients.”
  • Eldredge originally spoke with Thomas Roland about transferring clients to Florida.
  • Johnson says the company of Thomas Roland works for Johnson.
  • Roland’s company is called ESS, (Enhanced Services Solutions).
  • ESS assist Johnson Debt Services with payment processing and customer service in the “debt management world.”
  • Johnson Debt Services works with an unknown number of marketers that refer business to them. But Clint johnson, who actively runs the business has no idea how they find customers. “I don’t know. I guess maybe they run internet campaigns, other advertisements.”
  • Johnson knows Antony Murigu of Coastal Credit and Johnson Debt Services has a debt management relationship with Coastal Credit.
  • Johnson says he also has clients from DebtWave.
  • When asked how many clients Johnson had for debt management he can’t answer. When asked how much he pays for referrals, he does not know. The attorney doing the deposition asks, “You are not sure and you’re a lawyer and you own this business?” “Yes,” says Johnson.
  • Clint Johnson rents space from Thomas Roland and Enhanced Services Solutions for his business and law practice office.
  • Johnson says client accounts are processed by Enhanced Services Solutions, CBDC, and DebtWave.
  • Clint Johnson says that the Johnson Law Group is actually not a law practice. His law practice is Johnson Law Group, PLLC and that’s a different company.
  • “I don’t do anything as an attorney. Like I said before, it’s not a law firm practice. We’re not practicing law. We’re servicing customers who have credit related issues.”
  • Question: “The client signs up with Johnson Law Group, but you say it’s not practicing law? Because you say it’s a business and it doesn’t have to be lawyers. So, there aren’t any lawyers doing the actual debt negotiations?” Answer: “No. I don’t think I have to have a lawyer to do debt negotiation.”
  • Johnson states he has accounts at NaBANCO. DebtWave, CBDC, and Coastal Credit have accounts with NaBANCO as well.
  • Johnson says he has 1,500 clients but has only made $3,000 from those clients, collectively.

Q. Do Mr. Roland’s employees answer the phone as Johnson Law Group?

A. No, they don’t.

Q. How do they answer the phone?

A. I’m not sure. I think it depends. Because with the transfer of the clients, we had a line that was set up specifically for that. With that — they were dealing with, you know, the phone calls coming in from that. So, I couldn’t tell you exactly how they answer the phone.

Q. You work there every day and you don’t know how they answer the phone?

A. I’m not sitting on top of them when they answer the phone. I’m on my side with my law firm and my receptionist. If people call in and they have a customer service related question, they may call in to the 800 number for customer service, so they may answer the phone customer service.

The tip and email I received me some shocking allegations:


We wanted to point out an inaccuracy in your 10/19 article about the JLG bankruptcy. The article said that ACS “pulled the plug” resulting in the loss of service.

“It is not true that ACS pulled the plug on the customers. Anan Eldredge himself was responsible. ACS was blindsided with a lawsuit in March of 2010 by Anan Eldredge claiming he was not in control of his own firm and that he never knew about the services agreement between the two firms until well after he bought Johnson Law Group from another attorney (Douglas Crowder of California who is currently being sued by the Federal Trade Commission over a load modification scam).

Eldredge lied and needed to “cut” ACS out of the business due to his personal and financial problems. We believe, due to his own statements to us, that Anan Eldredge is a [Redacted]. His [Redacted] deteriorated over the course of 2009 and numerous attempts by Eldredge to seek [Redacted] did not work. Anan Eldredge has been seen numerous times in local [Redacted].

We believe all this to be true based on statements Eldredge has made to our staff over they last few years and direct knowledge of his [Redacted]. Mr. Eldredge is a [Redacted] and has on numerous occasions expressed dislike for both [Redacted] in vile, hate filled diatribes to ACS management.

He hired a Mormon law firm in Las Vegas, Hutchison and Steffen to concoct a scheme to attempt to break the contract with ACS without paying his termination fee due under the contract. Both Eldredge and his lawyers, Joseph Ganley and Cami Perkins have now been the subject of numerous bar complaints due to their creation of this mess and the stranding of thousands of customers, as well as the misappropriation of their funds.

The scariest part is that the $2.1 million dollars that belonged to JLG’s clients was transferred to Enhanced Servicing Solutions, which is a processing company that works for The Johnson Law Group, PLLC Florida.

Mr. Clint Johnson, the owner of the FL JLG was deposed in connection with the bankruptcy. Mr. Johnson admits in his deposition that his company is not even a law firm, just an LLC that happens to be owned by a lawyer.

How awful for all these clients to be cheated like this, we feel they should know the truth.

The principals of ACS have been in the debt negotiation business since 2001 and have operated cleanly and honestly in a sea of bad operators.

It was indeed Anan Eldredge’s decision to dump all his client as ACS was forced, unconstitutionally, to work for them until Eldredge broke in to ACS’s offices on June 12, 2010, conveniently while the owner was on his honeymoon.

Attached is Johnson’s deposition. Every client screwed over by Eldredge and his crooked lawyers should complain loudly. ACS staff worked for free for over a month just answering confused client calls and trying to help the clients get it all sorted out until District Court Judge Jackie Delaney ordered ACS to have no more contact with the abandoned clients in late June 2010.

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6 thoughts on “Advanced Client Services Says It’s Not Responsible for Johnson Law Group Failure. Johnson Law Group Not a Law Firm.”

  1. Steve your informative post about the Stevens Law Group and ACS on 10-25-10 in which a blogger refers to “numerous bar complaints” involving the the law firm of Hutchison & Steffen only tangentiially addresses the ongoing legal chicanery of one of their attorneys, Cami Perkins. Apparently that blogger knows what they’re talking about. As recent as 9-1-2011 Ms Perkins was the subject of a hearing to determine a finding on Contempt with her complicit association with several unscrupulous individuals namely Alvaro Villagran and Pedro Villagran. Ms Perkins acted as an attorney for sometime client and full time boyfriend, Kerry Rogers, a fugitive from justice with an active arrest warrant in Nevada, who is currently incarcerated in a Mexican prison for the last 18 months or so.Rogers was the Director General of several corporations with ties to Southern Nevada, namely Ventana Development and Cihuatan Marina District Partners, t heir registerd agents are Cami Perkins. Well boyfriend Kerry Rogers formed Cihuatua Company (notice the similarity of the spelling of the 2 true corporation and the scam one, one letter off) with the aid of several others, unbeknowest to his partners and several other investors and embezzled (read stole) big money from his partners. For awhile it seemed worth it, going on high priced international vacations with his girlfriend and “front” attorney, Cami Perkins. Well it all came back to roost, Rogers was charged with contempt in Florida, arrested and incarcerated in Mexico for fraud, where he currently sits. One would think Rogers would be done but with the financial aid of the Alvaro and Pedro Villagran, themselves lawyers in Hermosillo, Mexico, he tried to market the beachfront land properties belonging to his partners, right from under their noses. Who did the active marketing of these properties, well none other than Cami Perkins, who testified in open court th at she tried to cut a deal to market the property without the knowledge or consent of Rogers’ partners or their attorneys. All in the courtroom were aghast at this rambling poor excuse. So now Cami Perkins sits awaiting a decision on contempt, all the while demonstrating abhorrent behaviour in the form of DUI arrests and two IRS tax liens filed against her for outstanding tax descrepancies for consecutive years (filed in Nov 2010). These acts led to an investigation by the Nevada Bar Association for possible sanctioning. This is a classic case of a young attorney being duped by a lifelong con man (Rogers), who introduced her to the seemingly unscrupulous Villagrans (whose behaviour, as evidenced by active arrest warrants for both Alvaro & Pedro Villagran, are nearly as bad). These are facts not just something out of a racy novel. See for yourself Steve…See references below to pull up both the Villagrans Contempt “Statement of Facts” document sworn by Cl asrk County District Court 2-10=2011, case Number: A 536644 and the arrest warrants for Alvaro, Pedro and Ariel Villagran, same case number recorded by Clark County Nevada District Court on 2-8-2011. You can easily pull these up on: www.scribd.com

  2. An attorney told me this today: “…the
    Florida Bar suspended the Johnson Law Group on April 11, 2011. It may
    be that the law firm files bankruptcy, if so, you will be able to
    petition the bankruptcy court as a creditor. However, the Florida Bar
    has demanded that the Johnson Law Group stop releasing funds, so I will
    have to petition the bar for your funds…”

  3. An attorney told me this today: “…the
    Florida Bar suspended the Johnson Law Group on April 11, 2011. It may
    be that the law firm files bankruptcy, if so, you will be able to
    petition the bankruptcy court as a creditor. However, the Florida Bar
    has demanded that the Johnson Law Group stop releasing funds, so I will
    have to petition the bar for your funds…”


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