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How Can the Trustee in My Bankruptcy Liquidate My Asset? – Rob

The trustee in my bankruptcy case is trying to take an liquidate an asset that I am living on.

How can the trustee in my case liquidate an asset that I am solely dependent upon for living? Basically he will put me on the street if I don’t have this income.


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  • Just because you file bankruptcy doesn’t mean you give up ownership to all your possessions. UNLESS there is specific text from the lawyer and trustee talking about that asset than what they are doing is illegal.

    There are other ways you can get extra money too if you are running short one month, for your Trustee payment. He doesn’t have the right to take something that belongs to you and sell that to put towards your debt UNLESS it was written into your plan that he has that power. Otherwise, no way. If I were you I would tell your lawyer you want to file a plan adjustment and tell them you want to keep 100% of your tax returns this year because you are short on money. They should allow this and then, there you go…no more completely broke.

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