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How Do I Cancel a Debt Settlement Company Contract With Morgan Drexen. – Walter

How to cancel a debt settlement company contract

The company is Morgan Drexen.

I am in a very troubling situation. I signed up with a debt settlement law firm but after talking to them about the fees and all percentage paid for saving I want cancel but do not know if this is wise and what pitfalls if any to cancelling.

Fees : $945 upfront
$50 /month for paper

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  • Like Damon says, cancelling the contract is the easy part, just let them know in writing you want out. The problem may be getting back any money you have already paid them upfront. To accomplish that you will want to follow Steve’s advice above.

    FYI – As of today (10/27/10) both the $995 upfront and $50/mo paper cost are no longer allowed.

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