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Did You Know “Debt Restructure” is Better Than “Debt Settlement?”

What am I to think when a site says:

“Debt Restructure” is better than “Debt Settlement” and is FTC complaint.

What am I to think?

Here is the full image of the site with the claim on it.

What makes the statement even more ironic is that the company making the statement is called Next Generation Debt Settlement. So would Next Generation Debt Restructure be a better and more complaint company?

I suppose next we’ll have companies calling debt settlement something even stranger like “Debt Sex Fest” and use that to try and confuse consumers. It’s not the name companies need to worry about, it’s simply complying with the laws covering debt relief services. Debt restructure or debt settlement, it’s still the same damn thing.

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  • To Steve and ‘Observer’ – I thank you for your responses and I certainly will research the Debt Restructuring product further. Because I had worked for a debt settlement company whose quality of service and ethical standing I personally was well-acquainted with and believed in; and because, as a budding entrepreneur starting as an affiliate seller/marketer, I have a sincere desire to render a truly beneficial service to people who are in vulnerable positions and in dire circumstances, I want to be 100% certain that I am offering products and services of the highest integrity. It’s not easy trying to find reputable, FTC compliant back-end processors whose offerings are beyond reproach, even if not perfect. I will go back to my processor and see what information they are willing to share. I did get the impression, and I will ask, that they have debt buyers who are not purchasing debts in bulk but are targeting the accounts of only those clients that are enrolled in their program. ‘Observer’, I will follow your suggestions (as many as can be executed) and hopefully get some real clarity on this. Thanks again to all.

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