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I am a sixty one year old male, married and I have five children (three steps and 2 bilogical). Many years ago I took out student loans totally aproximately $12,000.00. My wife at that time and myself got into financial trouble and had to file bankruptcy. I was told by our attorney that my student loans would be dismissed by the bankruptcy. Later, this attorney turned out to be my wife’s divorce attorney and that student loans no longer could be included in banruptcies. Anyway, that was later and in the meantime I moved several times and was not contacted by the loan people until years later and when my loan had grown to over $32,000.00. I cannot afford to raise my family and pay off that loan. I am a counselor for the State of Oklahoma, have two children in college and two more still at home – one just married. I heard that the President was suppposed to create a program to provide loan forgiveness for dummies like me. I am a veteran and served in Vietnam.

Are there any programs out there to help me get out from the debt of my student loans? I have worked my entire life and it is very embarrassing to have to ask for help. Whether you can help me or not – thank you for being willing to help individuals like me.


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