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How Do I Know if a Threatening Debt Collector Call is Legit? – Kim

How do you know if a threatening call is legit?

Today I received a phone cal from a person with a India accent stating that if we did did not return the call would would “have to face the consequences” but no company name was give and when I tryed to look up the number (661-532-8208) and was listed as private.

Should we be concerned? It sounds like someone trying to scare us into doing something.


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  • This is a scam.  I have been dealing with these people for over a year now.  They have my bank account info and social security number.  I had to change my bank account and put a freeze on my credit, etc.  They recently started calling my friends and family looking for me and making threatening calls to them.  I play hardball with them and they always end up hanging up the phone.

    • I just got a call from a man with a Indian accent which told me he was with the government and that I was being sued for getting a cash advance loan of 300.00 into my bank account, which is a lie, because I don’t have a bank account, then he said ok fine, don’t call me again, and hung up, he had my ss# but wouldn’t tell me names or numbers of someone who is suing me, I’m so glad I see it was a scam, he said I had criminal charges pending, I’ve never committed a crime in my life!!!!

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