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Who Actually Owns My Mortgage? I Think They Lost It. – Steve

In May of this year Chase Bank said I would need to secure flood insurance. When I purcahsed my home in 1998 the propertyy was certified out of a flood zone. I re-fied in 2003 w/ WaMu (no flood ins. req. again). JP Morgan Chase bought WaMu in 2008 and in 2010 Chase said FEMA changed their maps and I would need flood Insurance.

In the process of challenging this new requirement Chase claimed only to be servicing my loan. That changed and Chase became both Lender and loan servicer. Chase changed their responsibilities again and told us Fannie Mae was our Lender (buying our loan in 2003). All of this information was brand new. Both Chase and Fannie have refused to provide wriiten proof of Note/Trust Deed ownership. I have written complaints with State of Oregon, OCC, FHFA, and Senator Jeff Merkley. None of these agencies have completed an offical investigation.

It is very clear Chase and/or Fannie has lost my Note/Trust Deed and knows this. Yet C hase continues to collect my monthly mortgage payments (I am not in foreclosure, nor even close). If no mortgage exists, then the actions of Chase is fraudulent. Note: I have also sent complaints to the US-DOJ and the FBI.

I have used every public resource I can think of, with not one of these governemnt agencies taking action. These are the agencies we – as tax payers – entrust to take action on our behalf. It’s as if I had been robbed on the street and the police tell me “go see a lawyer.”

What are my options at this juncture?

PS I have reason to belive BofA has lost the mortgage on my rental property as well. I just haven’t had the time to challenge the 800 pound gorilla that is BofA.


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