My Husband and I Are Separated And I Want to Go Bankrupt in Louisiana. – Patsy

My husband and I have been separated for a month and I have alot of credit card debt in only my name. When my husband found out my situation he immediately separted our bank accounts and told he wasn’t going to help me pay my debt off. Even though it was used when he was out of work to help keep our head above water. So I figured it be best we separate. I am considering filing bankruptcy but don’t know if his income will be considered when I file. I have consulted a bankruptcy attorney and he said we had to be separted 6 months before his income would not be considered.

My question is my husband deposited money into my account to strictly pay bills so my statement will show large deposits and large withdrawals because he had me deposit his whole check and pay only the bills he agreed to pay and send the balance to his mother to deposit into his separate account that he got in her and his name. Will this create problems for me when I have to show my bank account information when we go to court? How many months do I have to bring with me if I file in Louisiana?


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