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Will Credit Card Companies Grab Me When I Return to the U.S.? – Cha

Secondary card holder swiped 30k and now company wants to apply for Corporate AMEX

I had added a friend as a secondary card holder to pay for student tuition fees. She charged some 10k while I was around and was paying the minimum monthly due. For company work, I had to relocate outside US for a couple of months. In the meantime, that friend charged another 20k and went missing. By the time I could realize this, my credit was out with collection agency.

Is there anything I can do to save myself from paying the 30k. I have sufficient proofs in terms of emails and the merchants where she swiped her card to prove my innocence.

Now, I am about to return back to US and realized that company is going to apply for corporate AMEX card.

Will credit collection agency come to know about it and grab me to pay for the 30k?


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