J Hass Group Becomes the Fingo Group?

Thanks to a brilliant tipster (send in your tips here) I received word that the J Hass Group has allegedly closed down and reopened as a tax exempt company known as Fingo Group in Arizona. And apparently in the same office. The address for Fingo Group was also used by J. Hass Group as well. (7590 E GRAY RD #204, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85260) – Source

A look at the Fingo Group site made me wonder about a few things so I took a closer look.

Fingo Group was incorporated in Arizona on August 24, 2010 by Jason Hass, Ben Pozaz, and Rene Moreno. Jeff Hass was the statutory agent. – Source

After incorporating they made some changes to their board “as a result of conflict checking.” The entire original board resigns on September 1, 2010 and is replaced by Michelle Hass, Rebecca Spangler, and Amy Pozez. – Source

Now knowing the company was just incorporated in August of 2010, how in the world can they make the following representation of performance that goes back to January of 2009? – Source

The Fingo Group site is also a little light on details. For example. How about their “About Us” page.

So here is how all of this reached me. Apparently a company called Atlas Consumer Cooperative sent out this email.

Note the contact person for Atlas is none other than Ben Pozez, one of the original incorporators of Fingo Group. And guess what address they list on their site, 7590 East Gray Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. A look at the Arizona records can not locate any registered company under the name Atlas Consumer Cooperative.

Even the Atlas site is vague with who they really are. “Who runs Atlas? Atlas is run by an independently elected Board of Directors. A member may nominate and vote on those directors.” – Source

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What I do know is what was reported to me:

I’ve researched these players. They are linked with Fingo Group which used to be J. Hass Group (a debt settlement company) Atlas wants to charge $200 a month for their services which is just a discount shopper program and a lot of fluff. But if you sign up with Atlas you get Fingo for a 5% settlement commission.

This statement seems to be supported by statements on the Atlas homepage. – Source. They say:

Start Saving Today

By using The Atlas Discount Network® to assist you in many future buying and planning decisions you will find ways to save money you never thought possible. It’s fun, it’s fast and the savings are real!

Get The Help You Need

You may have found us because you felt overwhelmed with your personal debt. We here at the Atlas Consumer Cooperative are dedicated to providing you the tools to make that a reality. We have Partnered with Fingo Group, Inc, an excellent Non Profit Negotiations Firm to help our Members who are struggling with debt.

Here is a very odd statement on the Atlas site.

And last, but perhaps most important to you, we have negotiated the absolute lowest price to work with FiNgo Group, Inc. FiNgo, is one of the nations leading Debt Relief Firms. They are a Not For Profit Organization, and they have a reputation for having the best negotiators in the industry! Because we will be providing you with so many tools on your journey, and because we help further their Charitable Purpose, we were able to secure our Members a discount that may leave you pinching yourself. – Source

A search of IRS approved charities could not locate Fingo. So apparently Fingo is only an Arizona non-profit organization.

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If anyone has any additional information on the Fingo Group or Atlas Consumer Cooperative please post it in the comments.

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