I’m in a Financial Bind and Headed Towards a Disaster. – Monica

Had spottless credit. Credit droped from near perfect to low 500’s. Credit Stolen in 2005 or 2006. The person who stole credit also used open accounts and credit cards that were dorment. Filed Police report. Pulled credit, fought every creditor i had no knowledge of and pulled all receipts for current cards and creditors. Had to make settlements on a lot of accounts to have removed. I only have one creditor left account never mine, still have creditor calling. (2009)After trying to fix credit I was left with no savings or backup plan. (2010) I started opening new credit accounts to rebuild my credit. currently have 3 cc ($500 each) and a high interest loan ($5000) needed to pay an unexpected funeral cost. I just maxed all credit cards and just got two payday loans to pay rent (1300). I am currently struggling to keep food on the table. I dont want to be late on any bills because I worked so hard to start to re-build and improve my credit and still working at it. I really need it to get better its starting to see 600. My fiance has been helping me for the past 3 months and just recently broke some fingers. (Need to work on his credit too!!!) He Is not able to work as many hours as before. He’s a waiter. I work full time I make roughly 45000 a year. Monthly bills are roughly 2000 with-out food, kids expense (ages 11 and 7), and gas. I find myself paying more then I make. Without his help I would have been living on the street by now.

How can I get out of debt and still cloth and feed my kids. Government says I make too much money, yet I feel like I never make ends meet. Where can i find some breaks or make some extra money without having to spend on a babysitter. Really want to start saving, continue school (currently have associates in science), Re-obtain cosmotologey liscence (expired), save for home, save for kids college, maybe small business in future. Need all the help I can get.

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