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My Student Loan is Now With Premier Credit. – Beth

This student loan was TGSL i got in 1988. I defaulted and a judgment was taken by TGSL in the early 1990’s. Now I have received a notice from this collection agency, Premier Credit of North America. I sent a validation request and C&D letter and have not heard from them since. the loan balance is now just under $3000.00. I have also received written correspondence from ECMC stating the the Dept of Ed holds a claim against me for this loan. I call the Dept of Ed and was told they have no such loan and my SSN is not in the database. What is going on? I am unemployed and want to get my Tex. RE license but cannot with a defaulted SL. I am currently in Status 53 (CNC) with the IRS for back tax liability I cannot pay and plan to request an OIC in the Spring when I can afford to pay the CPA to handle it.

What should I do to bring my SL out of default without interfacing with the collection agency? I don’t want to open that can of worms or undo my C&D assertions. Any other insight or advice you have about any of this is welcome. Thank you!


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