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Tipster Sends in Strategic Debt Solutions Email That is Truly Unbelieveable


I get a lot of stuff sent to me on a daily basis but here is an email that is alleged to have been sent from Strategic Debt Solutions seems to push all the envelopes surrounding selling debt relief services.

So it appears the pitch here is for affiliates to sell a Financial Success Kit and the client can charge that on their credit card and then include the card in the debt settlement program.

If you are looking for a profitable way to stay in the Debt industry, SDS has the solution. We offer our affiliates the ability to market our Financial Success Kit. Sell a TSR compliant product, superior to all other imitations on the market.

Enjoy the immediate benefits of excellent cash flow-be able to pay for marketing and support your infrastructure. Cast a wider net- all consumers will benefit from the Financial Success Kit. Draft clients the same day! Access to merchant processing! Help clients that need Debt settlement without the need for a Face to Face meeting!

The pitch seems to fly directly in the face of the guidance from the FTC that says:

Am I covered by the Rule if I sell books, software, or other products designed to help people settle or reduce their credit card debt?

That depends on the nature of your business and the claims you make. The Rule generally doesn’t cover products like books or software; nevertheless, you can’t evade the Rule just by providing a product to your customers in connection with your debt relief service. If you sell a product like a how-to book and you don’t promote or provide any other service in connection with it, you’re probably not covered by the Rule. Of course, even if you’re not covered, you still have to comply with Section 5 of the FTC Act and state laws that prohibit unfair or deceptive acts or practices. – Source

If someone from SDS would like to come on and comment how this offer complies with the new FTC telemarketing sales rules, I welcome your input in the comments.

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