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In 1996 I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and lost my job. Told my landlord I did not want a 3 day notice to pay or quit. Was waiting on some money but wasn’t sure if it would arrive in time to pay rent. They told me to move and I did so in 3 days. They said they would still have to report it to the credit bureau. I thought we were square. 2006 my bank account is drained of $300 with an attachment saying I had a judgment of $4,000+. I NEVER knew there was a judgment and was never served. Had just lost another job due to the firm folding. 3 days ago, I receivedan Order to Appear for Examination. Called the attorney and they hung up on me. I have NO assets. My friend was kind enough to let me move in with him last Feb. and established a trust with me as beneficiary ONLY so that if he passed away I would still have a place to live. I have no job.

Question: If I can’t pay them and have no assets, can they take my friend’s furniture and place a lien on the house? Also, whatever the judge rules….can I file bankruptcy after that? Thank you for any help. I am sicker over this than you know…..P.S. I’m still alive! 🙂


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