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My father is permanently disabled and, for this reason, has been unable to work for over 25 years now. My mother has been working and supporting the family for the 25 years that my father has been unable to work. In the beginning of this year, however, both of my parents went into screening for cancer among other serious medical problems and, even though everything was caught in time to cause any terminal or serious issues, as a result of all of the testing and procedures they were forced to run up over $35,000 in medical bills. Because of their health situation the medical bills took priority over the other credit bills we have been keeping up with up until recently, and so we have fallen into debt with the creditors and are now over $100,000 in debt between the medical and credit bills.

Since we are so far in debt we are receiving phone calls from creditors on a daily basis, several times per day asking for payments, on top of the fact that we are so far in debt that we are having trouble putting food on the table and paying for other necessities. It is getting progressively worse as the economy is not allowing my brother and I to get jobs (I had a temporary job to help with some of the daily needs, but was recently laid off), and being a fulltime student is making it even harder for me to find a job around my school hours.

If there is anything that can be done to help make our current situation any easier we would greatly appreciate any advice anyone can give us. Hopefully things start to look up for us shortly, otherwise we will be forced to move out of our two-bedroom rented apartment and into our motor home (which is not a feasible option for five adults).

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