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I Am Working With Freedom Debt Relief and Chase is Suing Me. – Margaret

i am in freedom debt relief with chase and capital one
30,000.00 totol

i had to us the cards because of my daughters type 1 diebetic and helping with expensive medicene. i also took in her 3 children. this was the only way i could make it. i had excellent until this. i am 60 years old

i had to go with debt relief. i have been in the program since march

they are taking 492.00 a month out of my account–but after their fees i only have 2000. on my account. chase had called and said they are starting legal action . i do not know who to turn to and i cant any good answers from freedom debt. all i have left is my home for my family and with forclosures in my neighborhood my house is valued less than what i owe.

can any one any where give me some advise


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  • I definitely agree with you Damon.
    Charge you up front fee but nothing is even definite yet on how much per cent of how much they could actually settle.
    I lost respect with FDR or whatever company name they may be.
    Please be safe! That is not the light at the end of the dark tunnel. That’s a fox hole and “they” are going to squeeze the last breath of air out of you.

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