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Personal Loan to Collection Agency. – Stupid Mistakes

I took out a personal loan in 2008 and stopped paying due to financial difficulty…it was through Capital One. I checked my credit report and it lists the balance as roughly 1700 dollars. It also says it’s a charge-off, which I assume means the debt was really sold to a collections agency?

Anyway, I have been called by strange numbers for a long while now, but since my phone doesn’t have voicemail (yes, I am that poor!) I have no idea who it is or what they want. Recently, my mother who lives in another state, called me to tell me a sheriff showed up at her door to serve me papers, which I guess means I’m being sued? He wouldn’t show her the paperwork, but she said she saw Citi-something on it.

Anyway, I live in a different state, and took the loan out in the state I live in, not where my mother is. So it’s all a bit strange. But I have no outstanding warrents, tickets, nothing…it HAS to be this debt I never repayed.

My question, then, is what do I do? I haven’t been served yet, but it’s obvious they’re looking for me. I have no idea what collections agency has my debt, or even how much I owe anymore. I would really like to resolve the issue if I can. I want to be done with it. Also, I’m sure it would be helpful to add I am a full-time student going to school on the GI bill and jobless. So essentially, I have no income.

Stupid Mistakes

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