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Timeshare Fraud Reaches New Low in Florida. Victims Resold to Recover Scammed Money.

Inbound Marketing Advisors, American Recovery Task Force, National Recovery Task Force, Fortune Property Management & Investments, Kevin Bates, and Anthony Passaro were all named as defendants in a lawsuit brought by the Florida Attorney General in an effort to stamp out timeshare fraud.

The Attorney General alleges that the defendants bought lists of consumers that fell for claims by marketing companies they could sell their timeshare. Using these purchased lists the defendants are said to have contacted the consumers and pretend they were calling on behalf of the attorney general’s office in an attempt to recover their money paid for fake timeshare marketing services.

“The fraud targets who were initially scammed when shady timeshare marketing companies tricked them into handing over thousands of dollars for timeshare marketing services that ultimately were not performed, became victimized a second time, at the hands of the defendants,” the complaint states.

You can read the complaint here.

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