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Obama Administration’s Affordability and Stability Plan – Just BS Marketing for Rude Debt Settlement

A mailer was recently forwarded to me from a tipster (send in your tips here).

As you can see it clearly appears to look like a check and once you open it the layout pretends to be some sort of government program.

I called the number given 800-880-9785 and spoke to a sales representative named Cesar Acosta who said this offer was from a law firm but when I asked him which one, he hung up on me. I called back and the phone was answered as “The Law Firm” and then transferred back to Cesar’s voicemail.

What is interesting, although it might be a total coincidence, is that I remember the name Cesar Acosta from a previous post on Morgan Drexen.

The FTC had a complaint about Morgan Drexen that said, “Harassing and offensive recorded telemarketing calls directing me to call Morgan Drexen to reduce my debt. When I called and ask for my name to be removed from their list I was told “fuck you.” Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Cesar Acosta.” – Source

The address given on the mailer appears to be for a UPS Mailbox store.

Some of the reasons I would label this as a deceptive mailer are:

  1. The outer envelope makes it look as if it contains an official government check.
  2. Once opened the top part of the mailer appears to be an official check.
  3. The bottom part of the mailer claims it is regarding the Obama Administration’s Affordability and Stability Plan.
  4. The form says it is 450-RN and 1040-1120S which is meaningless but looks official.
  5. The mailer claims to eliminate interest, reduce payments up to 45%, and gives a time period to become debt free.

At the very bottom the form says it is a Legal Advertisement.

So from the information contained in the mailer and what Cesar Acosta said to me on the call, this is a lead generation mailer for some type of law firm / attorney model debt reduction program.

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