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I Went With Freedom Debt Relief and Now I’m Getting Sued. – Danna

i had a sick daughter with 3 children–she has been in and out of hospitals–she had insurance but not enough–i have been helping her with medicene plus my own medicene. i am taking care of children, feeding,clothing, school supplies and the only way i could make it was to use my 2 credit cards–30,000– i had to go to freedom debt releif. now third parties are saying they are going to sue. i excellent credit until this.

i am broke . my daughter is trying to work–but shes type 1 dieabetic and other problems and she must have insulin to live. i am 60 and have 739.00 house payment and 491.00 for debt relief. there are forclorsures all in my neighbor hood and they tell me the value of my house is 75000.00 and i oue 101,000. i am terified

What are my options?


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  • I am enrolled with Freedom Debt Relief. I just got a summons in the mail that I am being sued by Discover card. I calked them and FDR told me not to go see the court clerk like the summons says to do. FDR told me to wait for an email that should show up 10 days before the summons date. I don’t feel comfortable with that. I feel like I should be talking to someone about this trying to take care of this. Any help would be most helpful. So stressed about this.

  • Lets all keep in mind this lawsuit did not happen just because this consumer was enrolled with Freedom Debt.  Regardless if you are enrolled in a debt settlement program or taking the DIY approach, anyone who defaults is at risk of a lawsuit.  

  • Danna, I hope it has all worked out for you??? 
    I started up with FDR in November and now being sued by my bank.  Part of me feels like backing out now with FDR and handing all 3 of my creditors directly.  My credit was perfect and was NEVER late on a payment, I just couldn’t get ahead.  FDR claimed to help and alleviate the stress, now I am more stressed than ever and my credit is F_cked! I don’t know what to do.  I have to respond to the summons by the end of the week. 

    • Not surprised FDR has been sued by so many states. They appear to have one of the worst reputations in the industry. did they tell you that only a small percentage of their clients actually complete the program on the sales call

    • @2a6fb7f3866d4c1f9e4d5bdf92fdf02d:disqus … When you say “couldn’t get ahead” with your credit card debt, does that mean you were only making the minimum payments? How much total debt do you have? 

  • Hey Robert,

    Just like anything else, you get the good with the bad. They make money when clients file BK, so what often happens is they tend to have what I call “professional blinders” on. Since they are immersed in it every day and it is how they earn a living, there is a potential tendency to assume that when a client comes into the office that it isn’t a matter of “if” they should file BK, but rather “which chapter.”

    Now some BK attorneys I have found are very good and actually go out of their way to ensure that a client has exhausted all other possible options and that BK is definitely the right strategy. However, I do see many cases where a client will come to me after consulting with a BK attorney and my opinion might be that BK really didn’t make sense for that client.

    Of course what makes my opinion right and the BK attorney wrong? Well that is up for the client to decide. I will give all of the reasons why I believe my opinion is correct and then the client can of course act on that information and decide how to best proceed.

    As you have observed, you will certainly run into some BK attorneys that are very aggressive in pushing the BK option.

  • Damon or anyone else… what’s your experience with BK attorney’s? For business and personal purposes, I’ve had 4 different attorney’s and 3/4 of them were just as bad as an aggressive debt settlement company. 1 of the 4 was actually awesome, care about my situation and I think he got paid less than he was actually worth.

    Small sample size, but “the world are full of sales man” (Dr’s, Lawyers, Politicians,Govt).

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