CareOne Conspiracy Theorists, It’s Over.

There has been a bunch of chatter about the fact CareOne has lost their BBB rating. That is certainly the way it appeared.

What in fact happened was that the BBB had changed the BBB rating to a No Rating when it was announced that there was going to be a multi-state settlement that involved CareOne.

As of today the A rating for CareOne has been restored.

According to Mike Croxson, president of CareOne Services, “As defined in BBB’s procedures, “No Rating” was put into effect while they reviewed the facts of the case and the settlement. The BBB determined based on the facts that led to the settlement that the incident was categorized as “minor” (as opposed to medium or severe) and the resulting impact was a deduction of 3 points from our reliability score…moving our rating from A+ to A.”


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55 thoughts on “CareOne Conspiracy Theorists, It’s Over.”

  1. Jason,

    I personally don’t think it is material. The BBB grading system has numerous cases where companies felt they were mis-graded in the past but as evidenced by New Era recently changing their grade and the fact CareOne just live through an A+ to No Rating to A process it does appear the BBB, for whatever reason, and for whatever internal and private policy used, reviewed the situation and revised their grade.

    Bottom line on the BBB, it’s not perfect, at all, but compared to what alternative?

    As you can see in comments that Mike Croxson has posted on the site, he has posted his personal email address. Please feel free to contact him directly.


  2. Steve, can you find out from Mr. Croxson how much in total he paid or donated to the BBB or anything related to the BBB (such as the Torch Award) for 2008 and 2009?

    From everything I can tell, I think CareOne really deserves a good grade BBB grade, but this may shed some light on how they kept their grade and membership while almost every other company was garnished with a “D” or “F”, though I don’t expect Mike to say something negative of the BBB as they have certainly been a HUGE benefit to his business during a time other companies, some undeserving, suffered greatly.

  3. Jason, you mean like Howard Dvorkin, founder of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services,DIRECTOR OWNER of BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU OF PALM BEACH COUNTY, INC

  4. For The Record- We had an A and were accredited. That was taken away and an F in it’s place for most of last year- EVEN THO, AS AN ACCREDITED COMPANY, THE BBB HAD ANNUAL COPIES OF OUR CONTRACTS (SHOWING WE WERE DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT AND THEY KNEW WE NEVER CHARGED UP FRONT). The argument was ugly. I begged the head of our BBB to give me a reason, as their stupid policy was affecting the livelihoods of my sales guys. It was met with indifference.


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