Is Wealth Without Risk by Saen Higgns a Scam I Should Investigate?

FYI: I was contacted by the attorneys for Saen Higgins and Wealth Without Risk. They felt this article gives the impression this site has a business relationship with Saen Higgins. Let me state clearly for the record, in case anyone was the least bit confused by this article, is in no way associated with Saen Higgins, Wealth Without Rick, LLC, WWR Marketing, LLC, or Wealth Systems, LLC.

I was just watching an informercial by Saen Higgns about his book Wealth Without Risk. The pitch is that by investing in tax certificates people can make a lot of money. What caught my ear were a number of buzz terms like “guaranteed profits” and “wealth without risk” that seemed more focused on selling books than producing results.

Then I visited his website and I found more buzz terms that I’ve seen with many other offers. Things like:

“I’m offering you…the opportunity of a lifetime…”

“I have achieved financial freedom, with homes around the world and a passport displaying travels to some of the globe’s most exotic locations.”

“Let me show you how to make money – risk free – that’s guaranteed by law!”

“Take the Right Step in the Road – it could be your shortcut to riches!”

“Don’t stand on the sidelines while others are making huge profits from tax lien properties. Get in the game and call.”

“Call as soon as possible. I’m leaving a spot open for you, but the calendar is filling quickly!” – Source

I suppose another issue that concerned me was another book I remembered with the same title. Wealth Without Risk was written by Charles Givens. But that approach did not end well for Givens.

Over his career, Givens was the target of dozens of lawsuits and two court cases for defrauding customers, one in California and one in Florida. The California fraud case found that he had mislead his customers by claiming that he had made his money using his financial strategies, rather than by selling his financial strategies, and he was ordered to refund $14.1 million to his customers. Givens settled the Florida fraud case. Givens was also sued for advocating dropping insurance to save money by a woman whose husband was killed by an uninsured driver. Givens settled the insurance suit in 1993.

“Givens lied about his past,” said John W. Jeffrey, an attorney for the plaintiffs. “The way he made his money was not by using the strategies he sold but rather by selling the strategies themselves.” A month after the verdict in California, Givens’ company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. He lost control of the business in 1997. A judge approved a plan to repay creditors 25 cents on the dollar. To protect himself from creditors, Givens transferred most of his assets to limited partnerships, frustrating lawyers who tried to collect for their clients.

If you’ve had experience following the advice in this book, I’d like to hear from you. If you’ve attempted to return the book and you’ve had a problem getting your money back, I’d like to hear from you as well.

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144 thoughts on “Is Wealth Without Risk by Saen Higgns a Scam I Should Investigate?”

  1. I did purchase the start up program.
    All my links to his site are dead, also phone call to customer service yields no answer. I called a couple numbers. All with same result, no answer, and the answering machine says” today’s date is August 22, 2012″ So they have been out of the office for months as of today, which is Dec. 2012

  2. To Alan Mohring, I also bought the book, bought into the protege program, went to the Seminar in Fl, where I met Sean.  I have not bought any TLC’s yet or deeds, I am waiting to save up some more money.  But when I have the money I am going full speed ahead.  I  applaud you for jumping in and buying all those liens…I have been to a couple auctions just to see how they work.  I was planning on bidding on a deed one time, but the owner came in at the last minute and paid up his taxes.  You just say, “oh well,” and prepare for the next one. I don’t believe this is a scam.  For the person who said they wanted to buy some liens and discovered that particular state didn’t have liens, Sean gives you the info of every state in the US, which ones have liens and which ones have deeds, copies of all the states laws, dates of the auctions and where to find them… etc… It’s just like anything else, YOU HAVE TO STUDY !!!!  Eventually i will get coaching… I agree with Alan that I doubt I could do it without help from someone who knows all the ins and outs… Seans videos have been a tremendous help and he tries to make it as simple as possible to everyone can understand it… What he doesn’t think of, his partner, Tony Martinez, does… I would love to speak to you, Alan, about the coaching, etc… would you please email me?  [email protected]  thanks…. good luck.

  3. Before you read this post let me give you some background on myself. I have a law degree and have a strong background in financial markets.  I recently decided to diversify my investments and have been considering real estate to allocate about 10% of my portfolio to.

    I saw the tax lien add as well and decided to look into it. I bought the book but did not buy into the expensive coaching. The book essentially led me to doing my own extensive research on this and I have made a decent amount of money on tax liens. I have made all of my money on “guaranteed returns” (which are not really guaranteed) and I have not acquired any properties. For all of those who are considering doing this let me add that it is not as easy as the advertisement makes it seem, and definitely not something I recommend for the average person trying to make quick cash. 

    If I had more confidence in tax liens from the beginning I definitely would have made a lot more money by allocating more of portfolio to it but quite frankly, this type of investing is not as safe as the the advertisements make it seem and requires a lot more work than I think most people who are drawn to it expect.

    Bottom line: I will not continue to pursue tax liens and am switching to other real estate investments (mostly publically traded real estate investment trusts).

  4. This program does work. Don’t pay for the coaching! Pay the money to get the info pack, read/listen to it, then do your research, go to your local tax office and start networking. You have to work and invest a little money to create your own business. When I say work, I mean really work. Where they make money is for all the idiots out there who can’t do their own research and can’t work for themselves.
    It’s not a scam, it’s a business and a very inexpensive way to get your foot in the door of this niche market. Now…start researching!


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