Is Wealth Without Risk by Saen Higgns a Scam I Should Investigate?

FYI: I was contacted by the attorneys for Saen Higgins and Wealth Without Risk. They felt this article gives the impression this site has a business relationship with Saen Higgins. Let me state clearly for the record, in case anyone was the least bit confused by this article, is in no way associated with Saen Higgins, Wealth Without Rick, LLC, WWR Marketing, LLC, or Wealth Systems, LLC.

I was just watching an informercial by Saen Higgns about his book Wealth Without Risk. The pitch is that by investing in tax certificates people can make a lot of money. What caught my ear were a number of buzz terms like “guaranteed profits” and “wealth without risk” that seemed more focused on selling books than producing results.

Then I visited his website and I found more buzz terms that I’ve seen with many other offers. Things like:

“I’m offering you…the opportunity of a lifetime…”

“I have achieved financial freedom, with homes around the world and a passport displaying travels to some of the globe’s most exotic locations.”

“Let me show you how to make money – risk free – that’s guaranteed by law!”

“Take the Right Step in the Road – it could be your shortcut to riches!”

“Don’t stand on the sidelines while others are making huge profits from tax lien properties. Get in the game and call.”

“Call as soon as possible. I’m leaving a spot open for you, but the calendar is filling quickly!” – Source

I suppose another issue that concerned me was another book I remembered with the same title. Wealth Without Risk was written by Charles Givens. But that approach did not end well for Givens.

Over his career, Givens was the target of dozens of lawsuits and two court cases for defrauding customers, one in California and one in Florida. The California fraud case found that he had mislead his customers by claiming that he had made his money using his financial strategies, rather than by selling his financial strategies, and he was ordered to refund $14.1 million to his customers. Givens settled the Florida fraud case. Givens was also sued for advocating dropping insurance to save money by a woman whose husband was killed by an uninsured driver. Givens settled the insurance suit in 1993.

“Givens lied about his past,” said John W. Jeffrey, an attorney for the plaintiffs. “The way he made his money was not by using the strategies he sold but rather by selling the strategies themselves.” A month after the verdict in California, Givens’ company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. He lost control of the business in 1997. A judge approved a plan to repay creditors 25 cents on the dollar. To protect himself from creditors, Givens transferred most of his assets to limited partnerships, frustrating lawyers who tried to collect for their clients.

If you’ve had experience following the advice in this book, I’d like to hear from you. If you’ve attempted to return the book and you’ve had a problem getting your money back, I’d like to hear from you as well.

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  1. My husband and I have done the Saen Higgins program for the past year and invested money in the training, invested money for the accounting and setting up the business. We bought $15,000 in tax lien certificates the past year. They have an equation to use so you should not lose money on the bid. You do earn more money than you would with a savings account, but the returns are slow and we had more expenses than earnings. I can’t see how anyone can earn as much money as they say you can if you don’t have the money to invest.


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