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Attorney Needs Help With Debt Lawyers of America, Debt Arbitrators of America, and Financial Crisis 180.

I received the following request for assistance from an attorney who is representing a consumer. I suggested to the attorney they readers of this site have a lot of information and are very resourceful and might have information to post in the comments to assist the attorney.

The Attorney Asks…

My client paid $Xfor 12 months and is only getting only part of it back from Financial Crisis 180 (appears to be owned by an attorney, or former atty, Rob Goldstein, half in CA and half in NY).

Anyway, when I called to get the rest of the money and informed them of Florida Statute of how much they can charge up front (never mind the FTC up front rules), they claimed they only get $30/month to service the account.

According to them, Affordable Debt Solutions in Florida gets the rest. Except, I cannot find a good phone number for them to try and chase the money.

I searched your archives, but found nothing. Any ideas?

I am also chasing Debt Lawyers of America, Inc. and Debt Arbitrators of America, Inc. Same company, same troubling issue.

All the companies appear to use Global Client Solutions.

Can you Help?

So if you can help with information to assist this attorney, please post your information in the comments section below.

Update September 10, 2012

From Rob Goldstein:

Steve, my name is rob goldstein.. you have a blog posted on me, on the internet, that contains wrong information.

In 2005, I sold a co called Financial Solutions, to “ALF”.. at that time I was a back end co, for a couple of debt management co’s. All we did was actually negotiate settlements for clients, and NEVER did we have any control or access to any accounts of the clients.. We were paid by the “front end” companies, when we made settlements.

I restarted a company in 2009 called Financial 180 Group, which I sold 2 years ago. Again, I was a “back end” company, negotiating settlements for the clients who were sold by other companies. Again, I had no access to anyones money.

I sold the business because I did not like being associated with the debt management co’s or any tactics they did when they signed up clients..

In the transaction with ALF (Elaine Sorrels), I filed a lawsuit against her for non payment, and later out she was under indictment for fraud with a med spa, billing.. whatever transpired with clients after i sold the business had nothing to do with me…

In the transaction with David Huffman, Freedom Group, who purchased Financial 180, I later sued him as well..

Every allegation in your blog is about issues that transpired under their (new owner’s) respective ownership, not during mine.

I have answered every concern, with complete accuracy and timeliness..Also, the sale(s) are of public records, and can be verified. So can my lawsuits against the buyer(s).

I can always use your help. If you have a tip or information you want to share, you can get it to me confidentially if you click here.

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  • I want to know where Elaine Sorrells is! My sister and I were both signed up with her company American Liberty Financial (ALF) which she changed in January of 2012 to American Relief Consultants. Thankfully, my account with her is done. Unfortunately, my sister still had one account that was settled through her company over a year ago and Elaine Sorrell’s company NEVER FINISHED PAYMENT ON THAT SETTLEMENT. My sister was not aware of that fact until two days ago when my she received a letter from a completely different collection agency regarding her last settled account wanting to settle. I looked into for my sister and it looks like Ms. Sorrell’s company just stopped making the agreed upon payments through Global Client Solutions so the settlement with the original collection agency (Allied Data Corp) fell through and they sent the account back to the original creditor. Almost $1000 dollars had already been paid towards that particular settlement not to mention the contingency fee that Elaine’s company collected once the settlement was made. I tried calling the phone number for American Relief Consultants that I had and the number is no longer in service. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was. I was also very angry. I can’t believe someone would do this! If anyone has any advice on how to handle this I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t know if I can hunt her down so that my sister can sue her or if there is some way to see her punished. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB but don’t know that anything will come of that. I contacted Global Client Solutions and they had a different number for American Relief Consultants so I called it. It seems that they are now a collection agency themselves instead of debt settlement. I don’t know if she sold her company and it was changed to that or if she herself just changed it and is still working there. I sent her an angry e-mail but have not received a reply yet and probably won’t. She is an AWFUL PERSON and at the very least my sister deserves an explanation for what occurred and an apology. If Elaine Sorrells decided not to honor the agreement made regarding my sister’s final settlement then she should have had the decency to contact my sister and let her know. PEOPLE SUCK!

  • Any attorneys out there who want to take on Rob Goldstein and David Huffman–or maybe a consumer advocate with one of the major news stations?  They need to be PUBLICLY exposed after all these years and all the money they’ve stolen from people for so long!

        • Is there a statute of limitations with regard to filing criminal/civil charges against Rob Goldstein?  It’s interesting how he disappeared from the website comments after claiming to have clean hands…ripped off too many people and is probably now running from many more of them, the little coward.  KARMA!

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