Debt Relief Industry Do They Comply?

Do They Comply? Consumers Debt Services Says Debt Settlement Let’s You Stop Making Payments Right Now – Legally!

A wonderful site tipster (send in your tips here) brought the site for Consumer Debt Services to my attention. The heading appeared that by enrolling in their CDS Debt Reduction Program that consumers would be able to “Stop making Payments Right Now – legally!”

After taking a quick look around the site, this jumped out at me on the second page I looked at.

The site also says:

On the same page the site says:

WARNING: Whatever you do, DO NOT let your creditors bully you into Chapter 13. And believe me; they will try to tell you Chapter 13 is your only option. As you are about to discover, this is simply NOT TRUE.

All of This Makes Me Scratch My Head

You would imagine that an “attorney assisted” debt relief company would have a better handle of the facts.

  • Debt settlement does not give you a legal right to stop paying your debts.
  • Bankruptcy is not a huge mistake. Anyone want to ask a bankruptcy attorney about that?
  • It is not “nearly impossible to qualify for a Chapter 7.” How can it be nearly impossible when 70% of filings are a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
  • I am uncertain how an attorney assisted program can guarantee to stop collection calls.
  • When was the last time you heard of a creditor trying to bully a consumer into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy? That decision does not involved the creditor at all. That’s between the consumer, their bankruptcy attorney and the court.

Client Testimonial – Is It a Real Consumer?

And then there is this issue of this alleged client testimonial on the site. Anyone believe this is spontaneous and a real consumer?


Does Anyone Believe This Marketing is FTC Compliant? Post your comments below.


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