Tipster Wants to Know About Trinity Affiliate Management

I got a question from a tipster (send in your tips here) asking me about debtsettlementprocessingnow.com. I had never visited the site before


As of the last public listing of domain ownership, 9-17-2009, the domain was registered to:

Trinity Debt Group
1180 Lincoln Ave
Suite 1
Holbrook, NY 11741

A Google search of the address above now lists it as USA Liberty Mortgage, Inc.

Since the Trinity Affiliate Management site does not list any location it is impossible to confirm if they have now moved to a different location.

A search of New York corporate records shows there is no company registered to do business in New York under the name Trinity Affiliate Management. There is an active registration for Trinity Debt Group, LLC. The company was registered March 10, 2008.

The Better Business Bureau has no listing for either company name.

You would think that by the claim on the site that “Trinity Affiliate Management is a leading business management firm,” that you’d be able to easily find information out about the debt relief marketer. There is surprisingly little information available about this entity. And what makes it even more curious is the also claim “Our group consists of highly experienced consumer law attorneys throughout the United States and Europe.”

Because of the lack of public information on these companies I would urge anyone to exercise caution before turning over any private information to them. Their lack of transparency is a concern.


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2 thoughts on “Tipster Wants to Know About Trinity Affiliate Management”

  1. Has anyone every heard of Brian Henn? He says he’s a Debt Counselor but can’t seem to see who he is associated with

  2. Has anyone every heard of Brian Henn? He says he’s a Debt Counselor but can’t seem to see who he is associated with


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