Debt Relief Orders – The Cheap Way to Legally Stop Collection Calls and Eliminate Problem Debt

America might be at the forefront of coming up with creative and crafty ways for consumers to extend themselves with credit and debt but real props have to got to the UK for coming up with a great tool to help consumers eliminate problem debt, legally, fully, inexpensively and without bankruptcy.

The tool is called a Debt Relief Order. The Debt Relief Order is designed to eliminate problem debt for people that have little extra income, few assets and are unable to pay off their debts in a reasonable period of time.

Now this fantastic debt elimination tool isn’t for everyone since there are limitations to it but for those people that qualify, it’s an efficient and quick way to stop collection calls and erase debt.

The requirements of a Debt Relief Order (DRO) are:

  • The debtor is unable to pay their debts.
  • The debtor’s total liabilities do not exceed £15,000.
  • The debtor’s total gross calculated asset value does not exceed £300.
  • The debtor’s disposable income, following deduction of normal household expenses, does not exceed £50 per month.
  • The debtor lives in England and Wales, or in the last three years has been resident or carrying on business in England and Wales.
  • The debtor has not been subject to a DRO within the previous six years, nor subject to any other current formal insolvency procedure (including a bankruptcy petition that has not been dismissed – unless the person who presented the petition agrees to the debtor entering the DRO), or is currently subject to a BRO/BRU or a DRRO/DRRU. BRO=Bankruptcy Restrictions Order, BRU=Bankruptcy Restrictions Undertaking, DRRO=Debt Relief Restrictions Order, DRRU=Debt Relief Restrictions Undertaking.

It costs £90 for a DRO and after a one year period the debts are fully discharged.

The process is easy and quick. The Debt Relief order is completed online and sent to the appointed Insolvency Service official receiver electronically.

The moment the DRO is filed the creditors must cease all collection activity. This freeze in collection activity will last until the debt is officially discharged in 12 months.

For more information on Debt Relief Orders see the Debt Relief Order Information Site.


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