Why is Everest Debt Solutions Claiming to be a BBB Member on Their Site and in Ads?

I was on Google and doing a search for something that involved the word debt in it and I saw the advertisement below.

Now Everest Debt Solutions and I go way back. You can see my past articles on Everest Debt Solutions, here.

In On October 9, 2009 I published an article that spoke about their use of the unauthorized use of the BBB mark on their site. At that time I mentioned that the BBB had an issue with that as a BBB member.

After clicking on the Everest Debt Solutions Google ad above, which mentioned the BBB, it took me to the page below.

As you can see it still displays the BBB logo on the site. – Source.

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I looked at the BBB site, which refers consumers to FDN Solutions as the true entity behind Everest Debt Solutions. The BBB site still contains a warning that Everest is not supposed to be using the BBB mark.

The BBB says:

Mis-use of BBB Name by FDN Solutions, LLC

The website of FDN Solutions, LLC dba Everest Debt Solutions displays the BBB seal (http://www.everestdebtsolutions.com/texasdebtrelief.php?gclid=CIyl7rOrxKQCFb). The business is not BBB Accredited and our policies prohibit such a reference.

The business has a history of violating BBB name and logo policy in an unauthorized manner, despite BBB’s efforts to alert the business. Misuse of the BBB seal constitutes trademark infringement and is a violation of trademark rights of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. – Source

Does it seem odd to anyone else that Everest Debt Solutions / FDN Solutions is promoting the BBB logo and trademarks on their site when the BBB says they are not authorized to use the BBB trademark and they continue to use of the mark as an infringement?

The Everest Debt Solutions Google ad also claims to be able to reduce debt up to 70% but that seems to be a statement that would be hard to support and not in compliance with the FTC rulings, as they claim, on debt relief advertising as found here.

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If Everest Debt Solutions replies to this post, can you please provide substantiation for your claim to reduce 70% of debt in accordance with the FTC guidance on debt relief claims. Since you claim it in the ads and to the public, that should be easy for you to support.

UPDATE 12-13-2010 – I want to be clear how this article came about. I did not go and search out Everest Debt Solutions or go looking for them in any way. Their Google ad, shown above, appeared in my browser and on my desktop while I was working on something else. The ad struck me because of the BBB statement and I remembered their being an issue in the past with them and the BBB. The ad and linked page jolted me for two reasons. The first was the use of the “up to” claim and the second was was the BBB logo that said “Start With Trust” but it appeared from my research that Everest Debt Solutions was not using the mark and logo with permission, so where was the trust.

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