How Do I Get My Money Back From J Hass Group? – Laurie

“Dear Steve,

Back in 2008, I had accrued a total debt amount of $18,800.00. I had 3 credit cards and 1 payday loan.

In July 2008, I contacted J Hass Group and they informed me at that time that they could help out with the situation and could settle my debt at the low cost of $11,800.00 (this includes the debts, their fees, and third party fees).

I agreed to the contract and was paying a monthly amount of $326.54. The contract was for 3 full years. In the first few months, they settled the payday loan for $554.00. (The original amount owed was $1108.00).

I had made a year of payments and then got into a situation where I was not able to pay anymore. I contacted them to let them know and they stated they would put my account on hold.

I received a call from J Hass Group stating that Citi Cards wanted to settle for $16000. Now this was way over the $11000 settlement contract I had to agreed to with J Hass Group so I had disputed that amount and told them to negotiate it for a lower amount They said they would get back to me regarding the negotiations. I never heard back so after going back and forth, I figured they were still in negotiations with Citi Cards. (Back and forth conversations had happened before with them and they always stated they were ‘still in negotiations’).

On November 30, 2010, a summons was sent to my mother’s house in Illinois. The summons was regarding a lawsuit against me by CitiBank in the amount of $19,000.

Since I have been a resident of California for the past 8 years, I contacted Citi Card’s attorney and was able to have the case file closed due to improper service of the summons. I will be contacting Citi Cards myself to settle the loan so it doesn’t go to the courts again.

Because of this lawsuit, I contacted J Hass Group and they said that they couldn’t do anything about it and to contact Noteworld, the third party that is used for my reserve account to make my debt settlement payments. I contacted Noteworld, in which they stated that J Hass Group cancelled my account on April 2010. J Hass Group never informed me of this cancellation via phone or written correspondence. Had they informed me, I would have contacted all of my outstanding loans and let them know my situation.

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I contacted J Hass Group and asked them why they didn’t send me correspondence regarding my account cancellation in which they stated that they were unsure and to email any complaints to

I emailed them on November 23rd and haven’t heard back. From what the last phone rep told me, it would take 7-10 business days for a response.

I am contacting you because I wanted to know if I could sue J Hass Group for neglecting to tell me of my account cancellation or if there was any possible way to get some of my money back from them.

I did fail to make payments but I had a verbal agreement with them that my account would be on hold.

I have attached a file of the actual email I sent with all of the facts.

Apologies for the long email. I want to make sure I get all of the information to you in order for you to understand my situation.



Dear Lauire,

According to the additional correspondence you sent with your question it shows you paid J Hass Group $2,662 in fees and only received a settlement on one debt for $554.

I certainly think there is a case worth pursuing and while a reasonable amount may be withheld to reflect the actual service delivered, you should move forward with your claim for a refund of the majority of the fee paid.

I would suggest you start the process by following this guide, step-by-step. How to Get Out of a Debt Relief Program and Get a Big Refund.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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