Premier Debt Resolvers Deceptive Mailer – Government Economic Stimulus Act

This mailer comes from Premier Debt Resolvers at 615 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11217. 877-845-6161.

The two issues that jumped out immediately to me were the use of a government act that has nothing to do with debt settlement and the use of the equal housing logo on the bottom right.

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I also have a problem with the mailer making the claims:

  • 0% Interest Rate
  • Reduce Debt Up To 60%
  • Become Debt Free in 24 Months
  • No Home or Collateral Required
  • Save Principal and Interest

The debt settlement company has no authority to eliminate your interest rate, no collateral is required because this is not a loan, and no amount of reduction or time to get out of debt can be promised unless this is the result the typical client receives.

Are people that receive this Official Notice mailer really amongst “a select group that is qualified for debt mediation?” The answer to that is no.

I hope consumers are not fooled by this mailer.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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