I Think I Screwed Up My Husband’s Credit as an Authorized User. – Nancy

“Dear Steve,

Just had a sears card charged off this week. I had gotten a call from sears they said i had till Jan 13 to make a payment. I called yesterday, but it had already been charged off since two days ago. I take full responsiblity for the debt and plan to pay it in 4 $250 installments, but the problem is that my husband was an authorized user. I added him through the online payment center, but he has never used this account. Only two of the three credit agencies report this on his credit report. I’m so depressed thinking of what I’ve done to the credit he worked so hard to maintain. He had excellent credit before this happened.

Can I still remove him as an authorized user? I already faxed a letter to sear’s CBR disputes department and am waiting for a response. They said I had to wait 30-45 days for a response. What is your professional opinion on my chances in succeding?


Dear Nancy,

Since he has no financial liability as an authorized user they will remove him. You can call them and ask them by phone until they do. Just call once a day and politely nag them.

Once he is removed as an authorized user it should be removed from his credit report. It will just take a bit of time for it to all filter through the system. No worries, this will get resolved.

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22 thoughts on “I Think I Screwed Up My Husband’s Credit as an Authorized User. – Nancy”

  1. My husband applied for a loan on dec. 20 at a credit union but was denied because of of the sears tradeline. He wants to request a copy of his credit report so he can dispute sears, but we have never received a letter from the credit union explaining the reasons he was denied. He had already requested a free credit report about 5 months ago.

  2. Of the 14 Revolving accounts that show up on MY report, 4 have me as an authorized user, and 2 are joint (1 I’m disputing, as it was for credit to purchase a bed, which we never did). The report I have here at the office (from October) shows Debt to credit ratio as 83% for revolving, 98% for installment (traded in both cars within the last 6 months), for a total 90K at 91% (AND this doesn’t include mortgage, as they had just gone to different companies). When I applied for a loan in October, the loan officer said my score was 646, with a debt to income ratio of 65%.

  3. As an authorized user you are not liable for those accounts. Have you checked your credit score recently to see what it is and what may be bringing it down?

  4. I’m looking at ALL ways to improve my credit (and hers). Since my debt to income ratio is a major stumbling block in getting ANY loan, if my credit report shows less accounts (by having her remove me as “authorized”), then my ratio should also go down, right?

  5. Mike,

    On joint accounts you will not be able to remove each other easily, if at all. The lender will have to make a determination if they will let one of the obligated parties out of the agreement.

    Do you have reason to not trust your wife with credit? Why are you doing this?


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